Car parts reference and schematics


Real OEM

Realoem provides an online version of BMWs EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue). It provides information on spare parts, has diagrams and even allows you to cross reference parts against your VIN. It's the must have companion for any BMW owner. It even does BMW Motorcycles!


An alternative to RealOEM is BMW ETK contains detailed data on spare parts for cars manufactured by BMW since 1928. It's goes one step further than RealOEM by showing you alternate genuine part numbers, which are out of production etc. You'll even have a cross reference between geniune and aftermarket parts, so you'll be able to locate that right Bosch or Mann part number.



Volvo Tips

A huge collection of parts diagrams and factory repair manuals for older Volvo models

Volvo Workshop

Volvo diagnostic and repair information. Simply a must read for any home mechanic



Subaru Parts Loookup



Nissan Parts Lookup



Aftermarket Brand Lookup

Massive range of brands and applications including Bosch, Akebono, K&N, NGK, GMB

Aftermarket Part Cross Reference

This allows you to use the part number from one supplier to look up other manufacturers numbers